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Simple Wall Decorating Ideas that Can Transform Your Decor

multiple frames decoring wall

Whether you renovate your house or simply want to refresh your living space a little bit, wall décor is one of the first things you have to consider.

In a sense, everything else revolves around what you do to your walls.

Remember – an empty wall is not a problem, but an opportunity to express your creativity and make your home feel like, well, home. In this article, we will cover some ideas you simply have to try out the next time you redecorate!

1. Use a Wall for Storage

How to Make a Pegboard

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By installing some kind of storage system on a wall, you kill two birds with one stone: arrange for more efficient use of available space and create a striking and unusual focal point on a blank wall, transforming the feel of an entire room.

It may be anything from a pegboard or a set of hooks for your hat collection to something more exotic like a wall-mounting system for your bikes.

2. Paint a Mural

cuban wall mural idea

Instead of decorating a wall with other objects, why not turn the wall itself into a decoration?

Instead of painting it or covering it with wallpaper, you can paint a mural with an airbrush compressor.

If you do not have the necessary skills, you can always hire an artist to do it for you.

However, the beauty of this arrangement is that you can quickly turn a wall into a place for your artistic experiments – nobody says you have to get it absolutely right the first time around.

3. Frame a Piece of Wallpaper

Pottery Barn Inspired Blue Wall Print Set

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Covering an entire room in wallpaper can be both tricky and expensive.

A viable alternative is to choose an exciting pattern and frame it on a wall like a picture (or a set of pictures), painting the rest of the wall surface.

It will help you change the vibe of an entire room (at least if you place your framed wallpaper strategically), but you will not have to commit to covering an entire room in wallpaper.

If later on, you decide to replace it, it will be a much more manageable task than if it were covering the entire wall.

4. Use an Oversized Art Piece

big city wall mural photo

A large-scale photo or painting covering most of the wall can do wonders for setting the tone to a room, especially if it is relatively small.

Just make sure it is consistent with the rest of the space.

For example, a minimalist design will benefit from a huge black-and-white photo, while a more traditionally designed room can use a centerpiece that will command attention of everybody coming in.

5. Use Mirrors

hallway wall multi mirrors

Thoughtfully placed mirrors reflect light and can improve the general lighting of a poorly-lit room, but their primary role is to make small spaces feel bigger.

You may try a single oversized mirror or scatter a few smaller pieces across the walls.

6. Mount Plants

simple wall decor

Houseplants do not have to be limited to windowsills.

If you would like to make your space a little bit greener while adding a touch of originality, try out wall-mounted planters.

Depending on what plants you use, you can make even the most typical room acquire an exotic feel.

7. Turn the Wall into a Writable Surface

wall writable surface

A whiteboard does not merely solve your wall-decorating problem, it is also fully functional and thus serves as an excellent addition to a home office or a kitchen.

It does not have to be white, too – these days they come in all colors. Or you may cover the entire wall in WriteWallPaint, effectively turning it in one huge whiteboard – a perfect solution for creative people!

As you can see, decorating walls in your home goes far beyond choosing the color of wallpaper – so let your imagination run wild!

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