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How to Choose the Best Shower Wall Panels for Your Bathroom

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Bryant Park in New York spent a whopping $300,000 for washroom renovation. But why spend such an amount for a room where one spends not more than 10 minutes?

Well, the bathroom received 1.2 million visitors that year.

Investing such an amount on a bathroom shows how important it is in your house. There are several emerging technologies necessitating constant innovations.

Shower wall panels are important bathroom essentials, contributing style and comfort in the bathroom.

Shower wall panels are increasingly becoming popular in bathroom remodeling. Many homes have integrated the panels for decorative purposes.

Yet, the main role of the wall panels is to ensure that the bathroom is waterproof.

If you want to improve your showering experience, shower wall panels are your ultimate accessory. But how do you know the best shower wall panels for your bathroom?

How to Choose the Best Shower Wall Panels for Your Bathroom

Shower wall panels add a touch of sophistication to your bathroom. The panels are easy to clean, stylish, and watertight.

It is crucial to research on the wall panels to ensure that you get the best deal.

There are a variety of designs available for the wall panels. The designs range from plain to textured walls.

The colors are also adventurous so shop around to get your suitable design.

Your dream bathroom can be a reality based on the choice of shower wall surrounds.

Factors to Consider When Getting Shower Wall Panels

Do you have an upcoming bathroom remodel? Take some time to survey your options.

It is important to consider these 5 factors to get the best of this accessory.

1. The Choice of Material

Shower panels come in different materials. The materials used determine the final look and longevity.

Some of the popular materials used for the shower wall panels include marble and granite, tiles, fiberglass, plastic laminate, acrylic, cultured marble, and non-plasticized PVC.

Compare the materials to choose the one that suits your bathroom. The materials used will define the ease of cleaning, insulation, and aesthetics of your bathroom.

Materials such as PVC and fiberglass are cheap. They are also easy to install. If you are on a tight budget, then these bathroom surrounds can be a great option.

For homeowners seeking a luxurious look for their bathroom, cultured marble is the best.

They have a gloss look with a choice of different colors. It is easy to maintain the cleanliness of cultured marble shower panels.

Acrylic shower wall panels are of high quality. The material is non-porous and thick, making it long-lasting. The color of the panel hardly fades out.

2. Getting the Right Size

The panels are in different sizes. It is crucial to know your bathroom measurements to ensure that you purchase fitting panels. Units such as the acrylic panels can be customized to fit your washing area.

Measure your bathroom area and make a sketch. Your supplier will help you decide on the best material.

3. Functionality factors

Besides the decorative role of panels, ensure that you understand their functionality factors.

The materials used for the wall panels help to keep the wall dry. This functionality prevents the growth of mold in your washroom.

Your panels should have a waterproof layer. The layer increases the efficiency of these shower wall panels.

You can check with your supplier to know the functionality of available materials.

4. Budget

Whether on a high or low budget, you will get new shower wall panels that might be within your budget.

Fiberglass panels can be a great option when working on a tight budget. Laminated panels and acrylics need a higher budget.

For an entire bathroom renovation, have a stipulated budget. When installing the panels, you might need material for ceiling cladding. It is crucial to consider all the cost factors.

Nonetheless, your budget should not make you compromise on quality. Low-quality panels will take you back to the shop sooner than you would think. Research and compare the prices of the panels before buying.

5. Is It a DIY Project?

If you want to cut down on cost, try DIY. Installing new shower wall panels without involving a professional require some skills. The best materials for DIY are laminated, PVC, or fiberglass.

When using variants like natural stones and acrylics, get a reputable contractor. You don’t want to buy expensive material and mess up when installing.

6. Ease of Installation

Are you renovating your bathroom? Consider a shower wall panel that can be fitted to the existing bathroom walls. The choice will make installation easy and save you money.

The panel material that promotes a condensation-free bathroom is desirable. Such materials are easy to install and clean.

What Are the Benefits of the Shower Wall Panels?

The advantages of shower wall panels will make you consider remodeling your bathroom.

One of the most sought after benefit is the decorative purpose the panels achieve.

The different designs and colors will leave your bathroom having an enviable ambiance.

Unlike the traditional bathroom surrounds, the wall panels are free of mildew and mold. The mold is unsightly and causes respiratory diseases.

The ease of installing wall panels is another benefit that makes them popular. The projects can be DIY.

Besides, you can fit on existing bathroom walls without many changes.

Maintenance of the shower wall panels is relatively easy. Most of these walls only need cleaning and polishing.

When you chose a high-quality material for your wall panels, maintenance won’t be a hard task.

Shower Wall Panels Are a Great Way to Revitalize Your Bathroom

With the wide range of shower wall panels available, you can get a choice that suits your preference.

When you decide on the type of shower wall panel, consider other bathroom accessories that complete the look.

The factors to consider when choosing a shower wall panel will guide you when making the purchase.

Work closely with your contractor so that you can understand the pros of cons of the different panels. Research more on DIY projects to save some bucks.

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