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Sherwin Williams Rosy Outlook SW 6316 – The Girly Pink You Need

sw rosy outlook review

It’s so easy these days to write tons and tons about blues, grays, whites, beiges, and taupes – but now is the time to make the little girls happy!

Whether you’re a new mommy or have a little daughter who craves a pink in her room – I understand how confusing it gets to pick the best hue!

There are just so many reds, pinks, and peaches out there – what do you really choose?

So, all the parents out there – don’t worry!

I’ve got your backs!

And that’s why today I’ll be discussing this beautiful, feminine red-pink paint.


Sherwin Williams Rosy Outlook is a lighter-toned pink paint color that feels totally calm, kind, and feminine!

Hence, a perfect match for your little girl’s bedroom – or even the play areas!

And you know another best part about the paint?

Well, even though it aligns to a warmer hue (the reds), it somehow feels very crisp and cool.

So, in case you are concerned about the color overwhelming your space or even weighing it down – well, it won’t!

It is light, pretty and your daughter will totally love it!

However, there might be a few considerations when pairing up this paint with its complementary colors!

So, sit back and keep reading ahead to know what this girly color has to offer!

Sherwin Williams Rosy Outlook SW 6316 Details and Specifications

rosy outlook info

There are tons and tons of pinks out there – so, how does Rosy Outlook stand out?

Well, before picking a paint color, you must always read through the color specifications and details to know the true hue and what it has to offer!

Remember, every color is different and has a unique story to tell.

So, first and foremost, it is important to read through the Light Reflectance Value or the LRV’s of this pretty pink paint color. 

This value helps in determining how light or dark the paint color is – which will therefore be helpful later!

In this case, the LRV of Sherwin Williams Rosy Outlook is 66. 

rosy outlook LRV

And that means, it falls on the lighter end of the scale. 

(Remember, the greater the number, the lighter the paint – on a scale of 1 to 100)

And if you are wondering about where to find it, well, simply look at the back of the paint swatch!

If you’re not quite sure how this color will work in your home, you should definitely try it on for size by ordering a peel-and-stick sample from Samplize.

Secondly, other associated terms are the RGB and HEX Values that are quite noteworthy to keep a count of.

Since these are the values that determine what the color truly is made of!

Red = 235

Green = 206

Blue = 203

HEX Value = #ebcecb

That is all I wanted to talk about the color specifications and details, let’s now get started with the practical aspects of this pink paint color. 

How Does this Color Feel in a Space?


Sherwin Williams Rosy Outlook feels calm, polite, relaxed, cool, and extremely romantic when used in your space.

Gone are the days when pinks used to be boring and old-school – with these latest color trends, pinks can be observed to make a bolder comeback!

Think: a blush color that evoke so much more than just a subtle and charming effect.

I wouldn’t classify them as timeless – since they can appear monotonous after a certain period of time.

However, depending upon the function of your space – you really could use this paint in several areas.

Also, if you continuously like to upgrade your home interiors – you can absorb a tinge of pink sometimes!

Talking about local geographical conditions, I recommend any and every climate to incorporate this color!

Furthermore, you can also use this paint in smaller rooms to feel refreshed and girly at the same time.

If you’d like to infuse some pink in your space but not quite this much check out Benjamin-Moore First Light – it’s a much softer hue but still brings this same feminine touch.

How Does Light Affect the Color?


Natural as well as artificial light has some role to play here on the pinks!

Since I mentioned that these colors exhibit a cool appearance and simultaneously if you want a warmer touch as well – you can simply make use of the artificial lighting!

Add warm-white lighting bulbs in your pendant lights and chandeliers to enjoy it all together!

Moreover, you can use this color in small, medium, as well as larger-sized rooms – so, a great plus point!

With not enough natural lighting – it may appear slightly darker (but not much) – so, you are good to go!

One way to help find out how this color looks in your home is to buy some temporary wall samples and put them up wherever you want to paint. You can get these easily from Samplize.

What are the Best Coordinating Colors?

SW rosy outlook coordinated Color Deck

Here comes one of my favorite topics to talk about!

Color palettes!

And especially when it comes to pinks, I would love to create one!

You can either choose from a contrasting or a monochromatic color palette – depending on what your daughter wants!

(According to me, both the schemes look classy and eye-catchy)

So, here are a few of the Sherwin Williams colors I would recommend for a monochromatic palette!

  1. SW 6317 Gracious Rose
  2. SW 6318 Resounding Rose
  3. SW 9004 Coral Rose (I love this color of Coral!)

SW rosy outlook Color Deck

On the other hand, for a contrasting color palette, I would recommend the following paint colors that you could incorporate:

  1. SW 7000 Ibis White
  2. SW 9143 Cadet
  3. SW 6540 Starry Night

rosy outlook coordination

For your ceilings, trims, and moldings – I would recommend using SW Pure White to further achieve a creamier look or else if you want a crisp look, choose SW High Reflectance White.

SW Rosy Outlook Vs Similar Colors

SW Rosy Outlook has quite a few alternate similar-looking options!

Here I will be mentioning the two most similar options – however, keep in mind that they still differ from Rosy Outlook based on the undertones and reflectivity!

So, two of the noteworthy examples are SW 6302 Innocence and SW 6309 Charming Pink!

Rosy Outlook Vs Innocence

rosy outlook vs innocence

SW Innocence is the beautiful pink paint color that is comparatively lighter than the former with an LRV of 68!

It may feel too bright to the eyes – and that is why you must note that the room doesn’t receive a lot of natural light!

Also, try to pair with muted tones for a balanced aura!

Find out what works best in your home’s environment and lighting by putting up some temporary samples and observe – Get some wall samples from Samplize.

Rosy Outlook Vs Charming Pink

rosy outlook vs charming pink

The lightest of them all, SW Charming Pink has an LRV of 69!

Actually, there’s an even lighter rendition from SW. It’s actually considered a white! Check out SW Intimate White to learn more!

It is quite bright like Innocence – so, make sure to pair it with creamy whites and darker beiges to neutralize the saturation of the hue!

Order a wall-stick sample of Rosy Outlook here to help you compare these colors in your own space.

Where to Use Rosy Outlook?


SW Rosy Outlook is the paint color for your daughter’s bedroom, play area, and toddler’s nursery!

However, you can also play creative and use it in the other bedrooms, exteriors, home offices, dining rooms, and living rooms.

Especially for the interior design styles like Contemporary, Art Deco, and Parisian – this color is good to go!

Let’s see how you can incorporate this color in your home – and specifically how!

Rosy Outlook in Living Rooms


Pink living rooms are pretty much a trend!

You can pair it with creamier whites, charcoal blues, and tints of brass and nickel!

SW rosy outlook single paint chip

In the case of a fireplace, try cladding it with either white exposed brick or glossy marble and granite!

I personally love the feel of a monochromatic pink living room! Just trying using the contrast of materials – suede, leather, and even cotton!

In case you have a smaller living room – you can try painting all the walls in Rosy Outlook!

Using in Nursery and Play Areas


Pink is a great paint for toddlers as well as kids!

It is soft and feminine – and that is why it tends to play a great role when surrounded by kids.

Hence, especially in the play areas and nursery – this color is pretty good to go!

It will exhibit a friendly vibe – all over the place!

Rosy Outlook in Bedrooms


A great option for the bedrooms – and especially, the daughter’s bedroom!

After all, this is what we have been waiting for, right?

So, you can pair this paint with softer and subtle whites and add white-toned furniture and storage pieces to feel the most of this color.

Paint your ceilings bright white and place a few planters and toys for a perfect look!

In the end, it is always recommended you use carpeting in such spaces.

Using on Exteriors

I wouldn’t recommend you paint it entirely on the façade (unless you live in Caribbean states, or you are building a dollhouse)!

However, you can always play vice versa and use this paint on the doors, windows, and trims, and moldings for perfect contrast!

My Favorite Way to Sample Colors

I can’t say enough about how easy it is to use a peel-and-stick paint sample to give a color like Rosy Outlook a try. The absolute best way is to order a sample from Samplize.

You can check it out right on your wall and move it around. Also, try it along with a another couple of colors to test pairing possibilities.

This is WAY easier than having to open up little cans of paint and rolling/brushing on. Forget the mess and use these helpful temporary sample squares to test location, lighting options, etc.

Now that you have all the secrets – are you excited about painting your home in quiet Rosy Outlook? Let me know any questions in the comments below!

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