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Carpeting on stairs wears out frequently due to the constant traffic going up and down. Believe it or not, replacing the carpet on stairs is not that difficult. Rhoda from Southern Hospitality shares with us how simple it is to replace the carpeting on stairs with a upscaled modern runner.

Her current carpet did not go all the way across the stairs. She decided to keep that same style and asked for the new carpet to have a serged edge. The serged edge was in a color complementing the rest of the room. Once they removed the old carpet, they used a staple gun to install the new one.

A very simple process that changed the whole feel of the room. The once boring beige stairs were now bold with a traditional flair. Your stairs may need a makeover and your decor may dictate that it needs to happen. Talk to a carpet specialist in your area and see what a new runner can do for your stairs.

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