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Sassy Striped Bookends

Do you have a couple of books that you want to display on a desk or shelf but need bookends that reflect your sassy style? Sarah and Jessica, the two BFF’s from Pretty Providence, were inspired by bookends they saw at West Elm.

The West Elm bookends, made from marble and wood, priced out at $49 each. Sarah knew she could make a set for less. She explains in her post how she cut the triangles and glued them together. Be careful not to make the same mistake she did. Sarah tried to paint the stripes on first. She realized that she needed to paint the entire surface first, then tape off for the stripes.

Her project cost came in far less than the West Elm bookends, and still gave her the look she wanted. Her decorative books look great sitting next to her sassy striped bookends. With great instructions and a small list of items, you will want to make a set of sassy striped bookends for your home.

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