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Rustic Wood Slice Wreath




This wood slice wreath is a super easy piece that is perfect for Thanksgiving or for holiday gifts. The wood slices that I used actually came from a tree that we had to cut down in our front yard. It had been struck by lightning and was completely dead. The lightning strike did give each of our wood slices a really cool pattern on the inside.


If you don’t have a dead tree to cut up, you can always buy wood slices online or at your local craft store.


We used a miter saw to cut the wood slices. Each piece is a half an inch thick or less. And yes, the saw is sitting in the back of a truck. You gotta use what you gotta use right?


Depending on the size of the branch, I ended up with pieces that were anywhere from the size of a quarter to the size of my palm. For this particular wreath I only used the larger size branch pieces. The trunk of the tree and the small slices will be part of a later project!

To make the base of my wreath, I used my jig saw to cut a circle out of another piece of very thin scrap wood. You could also use cardboard for this, as the wood slices are not heavy!


Before you put your wood slices on, wrap a piece of jute or ribbon around your wreath base and use a larks head knot to give yourself a strong loop.


I glued my wood slices onto the wreath base in just two layers. This covered the whole base but didn’t make the wreath look over crowded.


If you wanted to jazz it up a little bit, you could paint some of the wood slices to look like pumpkins or ornaments, or add a beautiful bow to the front!

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Monday 14th of November 2016

Beautiful! I love bringing nature indoors! Great job on the wreath!

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