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Rustic Utensil Box

Having your utensils next to your stove is the smart way to cook. No one has time to rummage through a door for tongs when the fried chicken is burning. Angela from Angela’s Adventures came up with this easy to make wood utensil box. If you have leftover wood from a previous project this cute box would be inexpensive to make.

After walking you through the steps on how she stained the box, Angela attaches a piece of burlap. The burlap adds a charming look to the box. If you do not like the burlap you may leave it off or add your own decorative touch.

There really is no way to mess up the look of this box. You may also decide to paint and stencil the box to match your kitchen decor. With the gloss coat that Angela added, it will be easy to keep clean.

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