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Rustic Quilt Ladder Created From Pallet

If you’ve visited many antique stores, you’ve probably noticed that quilts and other fabric homegoods are often displayed beautifully on quilt ladders. These ladders can be used for quilts, blankets, and even tablecloths.

It’s a method of storage and display that fits into any decor. Kim from farmhousemade shows us how to create a display ladder from a pallet that is easy, functional, and charming. Kim’s step-by-step directions are easy to follow, and she not only gives a complete supply list, but she also instructs us on how to take a pallet apart, preserving the best pieces for any project. The imperfect rustic look of her ladder is perfect for displaying her children’s blankets. You can build your ladder to have as many rungs as you need, and you may like the look of overlapping quilts or blankets on each rung of the ladder.

Kim finished her ladder with an Early American stain, but any stain or paint would be equally attractive.

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