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Rustic Jar Filler Balls

Do you look through the catalogs from the high-end home goods stores and wish you could afford to accessorize your home with the sophistication you see in the pictures? Vanessa from Vanessachristenson offers a way to achieve the look with very little time, effort, and money.

pottery barn looking decorative balls

Her tutorial is all about those jar filler balls of different sizes and colors we see everywhere. With only three elements that are readily available at any craft store, you can create as many or as few twine balls just like the expensive ones we see everywhere. The twine used for this project can be left natural or it can be spray painted any color you choose. Once the paint has dried, it is hot glued and coiled around a styrofoam ball.

pottery barn looking decorative balls

The only somewhat tricky part of the process is to make sure the ends of the twine are securely adhered at the beginning and at the end of the ball.

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Linda Waugh

Sunday 25th of February 2018

This is a clever, inexpensive idea. I can't wait to try it out! Thanks so much!

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