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DIY Rustic Mirrored Console Table

Need a little bit of mirror action in your life?

Check out this amazing DIY from Anika at Anika’s DIY Life.

She was inspired by a Console Table that she found on Wayfair, with its beautiful rustic wooden finish and tiled mirror front.

Anika built the entire table by hand using inexpensive wood and plywood panels, with thin mirrors from Ikea to tile the front.

Anika added some beautiful and ornate knobs to the front of her drawers to add to the rustic look, and gave the wood a good coating of multiple stains to give it a beautiful rustic finish.

This is Anika’s finished console table, which cost her only $125.

This is her inspiration from Wayfair, retailing at $1900.

Head over to Anika’s DIY Life to see the full DIY with building plans.

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