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Modern Royal Living: Classy Ideas For Your Room

modern classy interior room


Who hasn’t felt a longing at least once to be surrounded by the kind of beauty that grand royal homes feature?

Fortunately, you don’t need to live in a grand home or even a kingly mansion to surround yourself with beauty. The right decorative additions make your home feel both warm and classy.

Modern royal living room ideas make your space come alive when you select the pieces that fit your personality but your home’s as well. Here’s a look.

Upholster the Walls

Nothing is quite as luxurious as an upholstered wall. Walls covered with leather or linen fabric are reminiscent of the walls in grand palaces of Europe.

Such a wall provides you with a bold backdrop for a variety of classic or modern art pieces. Some fabrics also diffuse the light from wall-mounted lamps, making the light soft, pretty and elegant.

Velvet velvet-living-room-couch

Velvet has long been associated with luxury. In recent years, richly-hued velvet-covered furniture has made a comeback.

If you’d like to get in on this trend, think about buying a sofa covered in deep blue, turquoise or purple, which are colors that people have traditionally associated with royalty.

Add some velvet cushions in complementary colors. Then set the piece against a wall that features a rich tapestry to make the most of this standout piece.

Wall-Mount Fireplace

Many luxury homes today feature living rooms with focal walls made of stone. These walls often feature a wall-mount fireplace.

These fireplaces not only keep the room warm and cozy, they encourage conversation; many homeowners create a seating area around the fireplace where people can chat it up while they sip coffee or tea.

What homeowners love about these fireplaces is that they’re often fueled by gas. The homeowners light the fire by flipping a switch. Once the party is over, another flip of the switch puts the fire out.

Not only is this set up convenient, but it’s also less messy than more traditional wood-burning fireplaces.

Bold Floral Accents


Pillows, curtains and wallpapers that feature bold floral accents bring the beauty of the English garden into a room.

The bold colors and the pretty flowers also do wonders for your mood.

Additionally, floral accents also tie a room together from a visual standpoint.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you have a room that features deep blue, soft pink and mint green, buy pillows and curtains that feature these same colors. They’ll unify the look without looking overdone.

Bring in the Green

Houseplants give a room a conservatory feel. They also offer you plenty of health benefits because they clean your home of common toxins.

Finally, houseplants bring a little of the outdoors inside, which brightens your mood and turns the volume down on your stress levels to boot.

Magical Doors

Traditional doors start to look tired. Their construction also means you lose floor space; you have to keep furniture out of the way to accommodate the swing of the door.

Modern homebuilders have charmingly addressed this challenge. They install a sliding barn door to replace the traditional door. This fun design element brings some magic and wonder to a room and saves space at the same time. That’s a hard combination to beat!

Let Your Surroundings Guide You

Many people choose a decorating style that completely contradicts their home’s construction. As such, their decorating scheme looks out of place next to the backdrop of their house and its surroundings.

You see, this manifested in rustic cabin homes that feature Rococo furniture or ocean-front homes with a sleek decorative design that features dark colors. While neither of these decorating styles is inherently bad, they do not fit the context of the homes in this example.

So what should you do if you’ve been guilty of this? Try to gradually change out some of your pieces until the room’s decor better fits the surroundings.

Final Words on Modern Royal Living

Creating a modern home that even royalty would love to live in requires you to choose your furnishings with a couple of things in mind.

First, it’s important that your furniture fit your home’s surroundings.

Next, it’s also critical that you make the best use of space. Pieces like modern sliding barn doors allow you to do this.

Finally, it’s essential to choose some unifying elements, like floral pillows, a conversation-piece fireplace or rich, colorful fabrics on the walls. Implementing one or more of these suggestions brings a bit of class to your home in no time.

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