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Are Roombas Good For Hardwood Floor?


Hardwood floors are great and hard wearing, because of this you have a multitude of methods for cleaning these beautiful floors as they will show more dirt and dust than carpets.

Sweeping and mopping is the age-old standard, but you have to make sure that you have sufficiently mopped up the water and there aren’t any pools as this could lead to water damage later on down the line.

If you are using a brush or a broom you may not pick up all the dust and debris you sweep so you may just be moving the dust around instead of removing it.

Vacuuming is another choice, although it can lead to scratching and marking the floor.

While perfectly good at getting your floors clean both of these methods take up a lot of valuable time that could be spent with the family, on your favorite hobby or relaxing at the end of a hard day.

Roombas fit around your lifestyle giving you lovely clean floors and more time to spend however you like. If you aren’t sure what Roombas are, don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Here you can find out what Roombas are and why they are great for hardwood floors.

Why Roombas?

Roombas can be set to go off at certain times of the day when there is the least amount of foot traffic going through you house.

They are great for deep carpets to hardwood floors and everything in between.

Good ones will have multiple features like knowing when they need to be charged charging itself and then carrying on with the job at hand, self-cleaning brushes that require minimal maintenance.

They can draw smart maps to make sure the whole floor gets cleaned and they don’t vacuum off the edge of the stairs. They are easy to empty and will go under and around chairs and furniture to keep your floors pristine.

With some models, you are also able to check on their progress.

Simply click on the app and see if the Roomba has done its clean for the day.

If you have just got a message that says you are expecting guests, you can ask the Roomba to clean again for you, to make sure your house is spotless.

How Big Is Your House?

Ask yourself how big your house is and how long it will take to clean, large dining rooms, hall ways and living areas will take longer than a more compact apartment so you will want to look are the battery time and how long it will take or how many charges it will need to complete the task.

Luckily it will take itself to the charger and recharge itself.

This way you can structure the timing of your Roomba, so it isn’t getting under your feet whilst you are busy around the house or bring the shopping in.

Roombas can move freely around your house or you can set invisible walls to keep them in a single room or if you have them cleaning on a higher floor you can set them so it doesn’t move past the stairs, this stops the Roomba from becoming damaged, also incidents like this will mean your top floor doesn’t get cleaned.

How Much Time Will You Save?

If you only clean your floors once every 2 weeks as you are too busy to do it anymore then that then not only will you have that time back but you will also have much cleaner floors as you can schedule your Roomba to clean every 3 or 4 days making your hardwood floors 3 times cleaner than usual.

Plus, if you ever have unexpected guessed the majority of the housework has already been done with your little helper the Roomba.

Also, the difference in price from a regular vacuum isn’t that different depending on the specs of the vacuum or the Roomba.

It could work out to actually save you money.

Then you can decide what you want to spend your valuable time on whilst mulling around on your nice clean floors.

Are They Good For Hardwood Floors?

When browsing your options for Roombas, specifically for use on hardwood floors look for one with rubber wheels to prevent markings.


Most have a 3-stage cleaning system that will help pick up, dust dirt, remove pet hairs and anything in between.

Because of the way that Roombas clean, you’ll find that there won’t be any dust left on your hardwood floors and all the dirt and pet hair would have been picked up.

They are an effective vacuum that gives you more time to yourself and less chores to complete. Make sure it will connect with your device as this will help with the optimization of when your Roomba will start work.

You will have a large variety of Roomba’s to choose from so when you start looking make sure you know what you primarily want it to do and work from there.

Some Roombas will be better for hardwood floors, other better at carpets and also some that can do both.

Look for one that will perform all the tasks you need it to whilst keeping to your budget.

If your budget is unlimited you can get top of the line models that will be able to do everything you want but this isn’t always feasible.


Honestly Roombas are a great addition to any home being able to save time and hard work with an easy on off investment.

Hardwood floors are no problem for this lean mean cleaning machine.

As they are designed with rubber wheels, there is no issue with them marking your hardwood floor.

This is in contrast to a lot of traditional vacuum cleaners, which have plastic wheels and plastic brushes which can scratch and damage hardwood.

Remember to prioritize what you want from your Roomba and work that towards your budget to get a happy balance without having to worry about manually cleaning your floors.

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