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Richly Textured Log Stump Table

Stump tables can be constructed from many types of logs. Depending on what you want in your decor will depend on the type of log you choose. In this example, Karen, from the Art of Doing Stuff, chose a Walnut Log for her table project.

The difference in this type of log table compared to others is the fact that Karen added legs to hers. If you decide to use Walnut, and add legs, be sure you choose very strong legs. Walnut is very heavy and you do not want the legs to break under the weight. Once she had her log, Karen explains how she removed the bark. Although this process requires a hammer and crowbar, you will be pleasantly surprised on how warm and beautiful the wood underneath is. Her step by step instructions includes some good information on using a tack cloth to remove extra dust once you are through sanding.

Add a little stain, or some clear coat, and your table will be ready. A wonderful texture element will be added to your decor with a stump log table.

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