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Creative Ways to Reuse Baby Cribs

1. Crib Desk

By adding a piece of wood across the bottom of the crib, you can easily create a decorative play table or desk that will be the perfect size for your little ones.

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2. Crib Swing

Cut the legs off of an old crib and attach eye-hooks. Hang from your porch for an instant, unique swing. Reuse the old crib mattress by covering it in a fabric of your choice.

Photo: Crib Swing

3. Reuse Mattress Springs

The mattress springs from the bottom of old cribs make excellent, decorative pieces to hang jewelry, accessories, or potted plants from.

4. Folding Sign

Attach the head and foot boards of an old crib using cabinet hinges. Paint with chalkboard paint and have an instant DIY sign for your next yard sale or flea market.

Photo: Sign

5. Wagon

Simply cut the legs off of an old crib. Attach wheels and a handle and turn an old crib into a child’s play wagon.

Photo: Wagon

6. Chair

This crib bench was made out of an old crib, an old wooden valance, some hardwood tongue and groove flooring, and 2 old chair legs.

Photo: Chair

7. Doggie Gate

Using old crib rails this author was able to make a versatile doggie gate that fit perfectly inside her home.

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Tuesday 3rd of October 2017

These are such fabulous ideas!! Love the desk idea. That would be perfect in a playroom. Thanks for sharing!

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