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Repurposed Dresser Made Into A Vanity

Is your bathroom overdue for a renovation? One of the easiest ways to make your bathroom feel new again is to replace the vanity. Many vanities available are expensive, and most don’t have a lot of storage space. Jami from anoregoncottage offers a tutorial on how to create a new vanity using an old dresser.

Purchasing the properly sized sink is the first step for the makeover, and Jami gives good information on how to measure correctly for this crucial step. Protecting the top with a water-based poly will ensure that the top will not be damaged by water. It’s important next to hook up all the plumbing with no drawers in the dresser. Finally, the drawers are cut out in sections to provide storage but not interfere with the plumbing. These cutouts will customize the drawers for your own uses.

Finally, the vanity and not just the plumbing needs to be secured to the wall.

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