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Repurposed Antique Cabinet

If you’re lucky enough to find an old cabinet that no one wants, you can repurpose it into something useful and beautiful. Jen from girlinthegarage found an old radio cabinet that looked like a sure throwaway, but she salvaged it and created a lovely linen storage cabinet.

In her tutorial, Jen explains exactly how she took this piece, rebuilt it and conceived a whole new life for it. Jen’s tutorial includes many detailed photos outlining and supporting the step-by-step instructions for crafting a new piece from an old one. Her ideas and techniques can easily be adapted to suit any piece of furniture that is ready for a total makeover. Although the shell of the radio cabinet was intact, Jen had to build a back side and shelves to make it complete and functional.

Once this was completed, the piece was sanded and painted using a chalk paint. Finally, a clear wax was applied to protect the paint.

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