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Repurpose Old Wood Crates

Often you can find vintage wooden crates at a flea market or a thrift store. Turning these finds into something useful and practical can be a challenge. Michelle from 4men1lady found a way to turn her vintage crates into a practical toy box, and she shares her experience with us.

Michelle was fortunate enough to also find some old hemp rope to complete her project, but any heavy rope will work just fine for this simple project. Michelle first drilled holes in the side of the crate big enough to thread the rope through. After threading the rope through, Michelle tied knots in the rope on the inside. After discovering the knots were massive and bulky, she ended up using hose clamps instead which were perfect for holding the rope and not being intrusive.

Four little caster wheels on the bottom of the crate made it movable and completed the toy box.

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