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7 Tips for Furnishing Your Vacation Rental Home: A Beginner’s Guide

tips for furnishing your vacational rental home

If you are planning to enter the short-term rental business, you probably know that first impressions are what counts.

Whether you are renting a room or the whole apartment, you should be sure to decorate it nicely.

Stunning interior design is what attracts visitors and helps increase bookings.

Plus, it is an essential factor when it comes to improving the overall guest experience.

Follow our guidelines on how to furnish a vacation rental to discover the essentials needed for establishing a successful business.

1. Choose Your Interior Design Theme

The first thing to decide on is the theme of your vacation home decor. That goes beyond choosing between a modern and traditional design.

It is crucial to think about your guests’ needs and expectations.

For example, an apartment downtown is an ideal fit for a modern theme.

But, if you are renting a bungalow in the mountains, a traditional and cozy feel should be your priority.

You can browse online and find design suggestions for various properties.

Choosing a design theme first will help you during the entire process, especially when picking out furniture for your short-term rental.

2. Set the Budget

budget for furnishing vacational rental home

Finances play a significant role when it comes to making decisions on how to furnish a vacation rental home.

When setting up the budget, be realistic and as meticulous as possible.

Try not to omit anything in your vacation rental furnishing list.

However, always leave wiggle room for additional expenses down the road.

Setting the budget requires considering the future rental price. If your plan is to attract customers with affordable accommodation, you can only stick to essentials.

But if you are renting a premium home located in the heart of the city, you need the best furniture that money can buy.

3. Analyze the deciding factors

These are the factors to consider when choosing vacation home furniture:

  • Aesthetics – you want the rental to look beautiful to attract new guests. Matching the colors and types of furniture pieces is a good start.
  • Functionality – think about the usability of the pieces and how practical they are for your guests. For example, renting for families usually requires having a large adults’ and a small children’s bed.
  • Safety – make sure that the furniture is not a safety hazard, and that there are no sharp edges or anything that can pose a risk for visitors.
  • Convenience – try to think about the guests’ movement in order to create ample traffic flow in rooms, and consider whether the furniture arrangement is convenient.
  • Durability – you don’t want to spend a fortune repairing the furniture, so be sure to pick durable pieces of decent quality.

4. Go with Neutral Colors for Main Pieces

neutral color palette for rental home

If you ask experts how to furnish a vacation rental home, they will tell you to avoid experimenting too much.

That especially applies to the color of the main piece. You can never go wrong with neutral tones like gray or beige.

Additionally, if you keep the main pieces neutral, it will allow for more options when selecting other items.

You can choose a figurine or another item in vivid colors to be your statement piece and that way complements the color palette.

5. Combine Store-Bought with Old Furniture

Do you have furniture in good condition that you could use for your rental property?

Instead of selling it at a cheap price, you can use it in your renting facilities.

Visiting furniture stores will still be necessary for some items, but don’t hesitate to combine new, store-bought with old furniture pieces.

You can also search online for quality second-hand furniture.

If you pick wisely, you can get exceptional items at affordable prices!

6. What Are the Vacation Rental Furniture Essentials?

vacation rental home furniture

If you are looking to make a rental property furnishing checklist, these are the essentials to include:

  • Sofa
  • Storage
  • Lamps
  • Mattress
  • Bed
  • Decor
  • Table
  • Chairs

You can also find free rental inventory templates online, and look for ideas on additional furniture items to include.

7. Manage Any Clutter

Always remember that furniture is there to serve your guests.

While you need to cover all essentials and include extra items to boost functionality and convenience, always be sure to avoid clutter.

You don’t want your guests to feel suffocated by all the furniture and decorative items.

A bedside lamp is a nice touch, but only if guests can still access the bed effortlessly.

Keep in mind that visitors also have their luggage with them.

Secure enough space for them to store suitcases and unpack clothes and other items.


If you are a design enthusiast, preparing your rental for guests can be very exciting.

However, it is important not to get too carried away.

It is all about maximizing aesthetics and functionality at the same time.

That is why the following tips on how to furnish a vacation rental home mentioned in this article is a smart move.

Use them as a guideline to ensure the property’s furniture meets the guests’ needs.

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