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Steps on How to Get Rid of Mole & Skin Tags


Moles are often black or brown, which can appear anywhere on your skin early in your childhood. As you grow older, your moles can become raised or change in color. There are even instances wherein hair can grow in your moles.

Skin tags on the other hand appear as a small flap of tissue that hangs off your skin. They usually appear on the neck, chest, and back and are more prominent on women rather than on men. While skin tags pose no danger, they can become irritated when jewelry or clothing rubs against them.

Doctors Methods

While moles and skin tags generally pose no harm, they can be removed as necessary, particularly for cosmetic reasons. There are USA skin products that you can try for mole and skin tag treatments and often, these contain salicylic acid to work faster and more effectively.

You can also seek the advice and treatment of a medical professional to remove your mole or skin tag. They can either use methods such as cutting, freezing, or burning.

In cutting, doctors may use surgical scissors to snip off the skin tag or use a scalpel to shave off moles. In terms of the latter, they may perform a deeper cut to remove the entire mole and prevent it from growing back.

Doctors can also perform freezing the skin tag or the mole with liquid nitrogen. In this method, your doctor will spray a small amount of this liquid nitrogen directly on your skin. While the mole or skin tag may be removed immediately, the procedure can cause a small blister, but it will eventually heal on its own.

Finally, doctors can also burn your mole or skin tag by using a heated wire where the electric current passed through. The heat in the wire prevents bleeding.

A single burning treatment may prove to be insufficient such that you need to undergo a few couple of treatments before your mole or skin tag is removed. Aside from this, below are some of the natural remedies on how you can get rid of your moles or skin tags.


Natural Remedies

For moles:

One of the natural remedies that you can use to remove moles is by the use of oregano oil. You can dilute oregano oil with a carrier oil and apply it a few times a day for a number of weeks. Over time, your mole will eventually fade.

Another option is for you to use frankincense oil. It is an essential oil that is known to absorb oils and dry the skin. When you apply this oil daily, it will react with the mole, causing it to dry out, scab, and fall off.

There is also the option for you to use aloe vera which is known to contain numerous skin-promoting properties. You apply a fresh plant or a manufactured aloe vera product directly to your mole but make sure to test for any allergic reaction first. After a certain period of time, your mole will turn to a lighter color.

Garlic is also believed to be effective in removing moles because of its enzymes that can dissolve cell clusters that make up the mole. Rubbing garlic in your mole may diminish it over a period of time but be careful as garlic can also cause skin burns.

For skin tags:

To remove a skin tag, you can use a tag removal device to cut off the supply of blood to the base of the tag. Because of this, the cells making up the tag will soon die, causing the tag to drop away. The process often lasts for a couple of weeks.

There are also those who apply a tag removal cream, wherein a single application of the cream is already sufficient. It will take about a couple of weeks before the tag falls off. The downside is that the cream may cause a mild tingling sensation.

Another option is for you to apply a few drops of tea tree oil to a cotton ball. Affix this cotton ball to the skin tag using a bandage and leave it for about ten minutes a couple of times a day. Wait for several days and the tag will fall off by itself.

To wrap things up, there are a number of ways on how moles and skin tags can be removed including natural remedies, as well as the methods employed by doctors. Just keep in mind that generally, moles and skin tags don’t necessarily require treatment, and leaving them as is may also be a good alternative.

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