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Tips on Redecorating Your Living Room

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The living room is the centerpiece of any home.

This is the room where you entertain your guests and also where you spend part of your recreational time watching movies or listening to unwinding music.

A huge percentage of home renovation projects focus on the living room.

If you want to improve your living room’s interior design, here are a few tips to guide you.

Make Plans For Furniture

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The first consideration to make when redecorating your living room space is the pieces of furniture you would like to include and the available space.

It will help to take measurements of the living room space.

Also, take a snapshot of your living room.

The measurements and the snapshot will help you choose the appropriate items at the furniture store.

Alternatively, you can make a paper draft that includes the pieces of furniture you want and how they will be arranged in the living room.

Make sure you leave sufficient room between the furniture items.

It would help if you came up with a plan that leaves enough space in the living room for you to move comfortably around.

Create a Focal Point


Your living room should have a focal point.

In some living rooms, the focal point is the fireplace, which is surrounded by mementos and pictures.

In other living rooms, a flat-screen TV is the focal point with different wallpapers like those you will find here and wall art surrounding the spaces beside and above it.

You need to create a focal point.

If you do not have the luxury of a fireplace or do not want the TV to be the center of attraction, you need to be creative.

You can try jazzing up your wall with beautiful wallpapers by placing a huge vintage painting at the center of the living room.

You can use lighting or furniture to complement the focal point.


Lighting is like fairy dust, splash the right amount, and you will create magic.

The right lighting will improve mood and comfort in the living room.

One way to do this is by incorporating furniture pieces that have lighting features.

For example, a coffee table or desk can bring low-level lighting to your living room.

Lighting can also help create the illusion of space.

Your eyes are drawn to the brightest spots in a room.

Therefore, you can manipulate how people perceive the size of your living room through proper light planning.

For example, you can place a chandelier in one corner; this will draw the eyes to the back of the living room, thereby creating a sense of space.

Choose a Good Rug

carpet rug

It is important to choose the correct rug size for your living room if you want the space to look attractive and welcoming.

An oversized rug will overwhelm the space and make it look small while a very small rug will make your room look unfinished.

It would help if you found a rug that fits the seating area instead of the whole room.

Another consideration you need to make when choosing a rug is foot traffic.

If the living room is heavily used, you should consider wool, cotton, or sisal material for your rug.

If your living room is much more reserved, you can use an antique or silk rug.

For a budget-friendly option, consider an all wool rug or a rug that is a combination of artificial silk and wool.

Upgrade Your Windows

The first thing you need to consider when upgrading your windows is functionality.

How do you want to use the windows in your living room space?

If you want windows that open to usher in the fresh air, go with slider or casement windows.

If you prefer a decorative shaped window that does not open, you need to find a window suited for this purpose.

It would help if you also considered how the window style would impact the feel and look of the room.

If your living room has a great view, choose a large picture window that allows a direct line of sight to the outside.

If you are not sure which type of windows will work for you, consult your dealer for a combination of windows that will improve the aesthetics of your living room.


The living room is one of the most important rooms in the house.

This is because it is the space where you entertain guests, spend your leisure time, and also where you go to relax after a long stressful day.

If you are uncomfortable with the design of your living room, the following tips will help you make it livelier and accommodating.

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