Reclaimed Wood and Faucet Knob Coat Rack

Ananda from A Piece of Rainbow found a unique coat rack online that incorporated colorful garden hose knobs. The negative is that it was no longer available, but it gave Ananda the perfect excuse for a DIY! Ananda added her own spin by creating a pipework design on her reclaimed wood. How fun is this?!?

faucet knob coat rack

Ananda was inspired by this coat rack that is no longer available from

faucet coat rack

Go to A Piece of Rainbow for the complete tutorial.

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  1. thank you dear beckie for the feature! and thank you so much for all the inspiring projects here!

    • Ah, you are too sweet! Thanks for allowing me to share your project. I love your coat rack!

  2. I like Ananda’s better than the other one — the pipework design is brilliant!