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Quilted Pom Pom Pillow Cover

Jen of Migonis Home describes her decorating style as “classic with a touch of vintage.” She had long loved quilted bedding with pom pom fringe from Ballard Designs and knew it would right in with her home’s décor.

Thus, she was inspired to create a cover for a king-sized pillow on her bed using quilt backing fabric and a dainty little pom pom trim.

It’s amazing how that little bit of trim adds so much interest to the pillow!

ballard design quilted pom pom pillow knock off

The Fabric

It’s not too hard to match the quilted backing of Ballard’s version. You can order online or visit your local fabric shop. They’ll have it.

There are, of course, a couple main quilt patterns to choose from: Square and diamond. Jen went with the diamonds, which I think feels a little more classic as compared to the more modern feeling squares.

Either one is great and will work nicely with the pom pom border.

It’s not an expensive fabric thankfully, so just choose the color that works in your space. You can select a contrasting pom pom color to make them stand out, or even something similar to your quilted fabric.

Either way, the detail the poms bring will be enough to catch your eye with delight!

Jen’s project was for a King-sized pillow. She got a little less fabric than she thought she’d need since her pillow is poofy and collapses quite a bit. Something to keep in mind…

Quilted fabric for pillow

Jen cut very straight lines so as to divide up the diamonds equally.

She then stitched up the two raw ends. She points out that this helps ensure the fabric won’t fray and also that the filler inside the fabric will stay put.

The Pom Pom Fringe

This is where the magic beings to happen!

Jen found her pom pom trim for $2 a yard at Joann’s. Simply measure out so you have enough to go around the entire pillow cover.

You can also get a little extra to make cute little ties at the end like Jen did.

Pom pom fringe for pillow

For the stitching, Jen used a thin white thread to match her pom pom fringe color. It doesn’t seem to be noticeable.

Jen was inspired by the Audrey Pom Pom Quilt Bedding from Ballard Designs.

Jen shares her brief but informative tutorial at Migonis Home. Take a look and I’m sure you’ll be inspired to rev up your own sewing machine and get to work.

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