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Celebrate Family Moments through Puzzle Piece Wall Decor

three children boys assembling puzzle with their picture

Whether you live in an apartment or a house, town or countryside, turning that place into a home is a task of a lifetime.

You might be the first owner or maybe it is already full of family history, however, there are always some things that you can change, add, and improve so the place can become more homey, warm, and welcoming.

If your goal is to make your place reflective of your personal and family story, there are plenty of decorating ways and ideas on how to display your most cherished family memories. 

It is not always easy to incorporate your family history with an already finished interior design.

This is why we’ve compiled some common and cool decorating ideas, like framed photos scattered around the living room, perhaps wedding photos around the fireplace, or a family tree near a staircase.

Let’s take a look at some amazing ideas to puzzle “piece” your own wall décor with captivating special moments.

Puzzle wall decor

puzzle wall decor photo

One very popular but also unique way to tell your family story is through custom puzzles. It is very rewarding because you as a family can spend quality time together, all the while choosing the best photos of your funny, happy, or successful moments, assembling the puzzle, and afterward framing it.

Think of your most treasurable family moments made in a collection of puzzle piece wall decor.

Wouldn’t that be amazing? The collection can be customized with photos, text, colors, and textures to create unique wall art for your home.

You can also play with the design, display each puzzle piece individually or as a collection, or you can mix and match the puzzle pieces to create one-of-a-kind designs. The options are endless.

This is a fabulous idea because you can add new puzzle pieces to your collection as your family starts to grow and reach new milestones.

You can simply start with just one or two puzzle pieces and add on new ones over the years.

Incorporating text or dates, with different fonts and graphics together with the photo gives you so many options.

It is fun to match and coordinate your favorite puzzling photos with the rest of the home interior.

Photos with or without frames

Framed photos have a special place when speaking about interior design. Today you can find extraordinary framed art pieces, and you can frame your photos in a variety of stylish ways.

Yes, you can also do DIY framing. But if you like to share your history in a compelling way you can choose a black and white photo from your childhood or maybe a vintage photo from your ancestors and have it printed on a large scale.

If you want to add some intrigue, consider printing it as a puzzle. You can make it with a frame, or without one. Another option is to have it printed as a mural that can fit the wall, entirely or partially.

You can also search for collage ideas and then create a jigsaw puzzle from vacation photos combined with travel stickers and postcards.

You’ll make a different collage or enlarge an existing one whenever someone in your family travels to a new location. This will be that piece of personal touch the room needs.

Stairwell gallery wall

puzzle family photo frame

A gallery wall could work in every place in the house, but stairwells offer a fun opportunity to create a gallery that works with your home’s architecture.

Climbing the stairs, wrapping the corner, or highlighting the unique architectural elements of your home, gallery walls are great for showcasing what makes your home so rare and special.  

A staircase gallery wall is a very popular and eclectic decoration built from frames of varied shapes and sizes, textures, and looks.

You’ll just mix everything you wish and place various shots, paintings, posters, or jigsaw puzzles inside to make a miscellaneous gallery wall that leaves you amazed.

You can incorporate inspiring phrases, meaningful words, or well-known quotes.

You can also choose a saying that your parents or grandparents often repeated or a quote from a relative that is meaningful to you and together with your favorite family photos start building up your epic gallery wall. 

Wall that celebrates travel places

If you’ve lived in different cities or states, or maybe your ancestors migrated from another location, find artistic ways to bring those places into your home.

Create a memory wall, paint one kitchen wall with chalkboard paint, and then let family members fill it with short notes and photos about their favorite places or a cork globe with push pins and string, so you can connect the places you’ve come from and where you are now.

Maybe a puzzle of the most famous historical places, favorite streets, or a favorite landscape of your place of origin. It will truly be an artistic and unique wall.

A local or global map is also very cool for marking places or states where you live now or have lived previously. Or you can mark the locations of loved ones around the world or the next dream destinations on your list.

Visualize it with photos from travel magazines or postcards.

Finishing words

Let us put our phones down for a little bit. That online photo gallery will never have the value of carefully chosen and framed photos.

So make a change and show off your favorite memories in an interesting way by using puzzle pieces.

Whatever wall decor catches your eye, you should go for it. Having a wall in your house that celebrates your most valuable, unique, and special family moments and milestones is a precious way of preserving family history.

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