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Pure Fiber Bamboo Sheets Review

Pure Fiber graciously sent me a set of their king sized luxurious 100% Viscose from Bamboo sheets.  I was a bit skeptical about them thinking they could no way compare to my 1000 count cotton sheets softness. When I first touched them in the packaging they didn’t seem to feel any different.  So I loaded them up to wash them before I placed them on the bed.  When I transferred them from the washer to the dryer they felt all crunchy because of the bamboo fibers is similar to wood, which was totally weird to me.


Once dry they were the softest sheets I have ever felt.  It is strange to even try and describe them.  But when you fluff them it kind of reminded me of playing with the parachute in grade school.  It comes down like it weighs a lot but when you touch them they are so light and airy.


I am a big believer in spending bucks on your bed.  After all you 1/3 of your life between those sheets.  That is a lot of time and a place to invest in.  They king size sheets retail for $174.  Whoa mama I know!   But you can find them on Amazon for $135.

According to their site: These sheets serve to be a natural thermal regulator and a protector against microbes – in essence a soft shield for comfort. And bamboo isn’t all about a cashmere-like softness. Bamboo’s natural properties help regulate the temperature, keeping you warm during those freezing winter months and perfectly cool on even in the dog days of summer.

If you are in the market for purchasing new sheets I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PURE FIBER! my husband said they are the softest sheets he has ever slept in.

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