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Pulley System Floating Shelves

We all have wall space in our homes that could use some shelving for storage and display. Ashley and Whitney from show us how to adapt this unique pulley system for floating shelves to fit anywhere in our homes.


A detailed supply list, as well as a cut list, are provided, and they have included detailed diagrams for constructing the shelves. Free downloadable plans for the shelving are added as well, and once you have these plans, the job of adding the pulleys is relatively simple. Pulleys are mounted to the ceiling then Ashley and Whitney use jute twine as the rope to thread through the pulleys.

They drilled holes in both the top and bottom of each shelf and then threaded the twine through the bottom and top hole of each shelf and then to the ceiling mounted pulley. There is no actual weight resting on the system since the shelves are mounted to the wall.

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