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Pros and Cons of Bunk Beds in Kids’ Room

Bunk beds are popular among families with two or more children due to some obvious reasons. First, bunk beds can make the most of space. In metropolitans or mega cities, even a small apartment can cost an arm or a leg. So if you want to obtain as much space as possible, taking the fullest advantage of the vertical space points a way out. In kids’ room, a single bed can only accommodate one kid; yet with a bunk bed, accommodating two is out of question.


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Lighting is an important concern in building up a bunk bed. An adorable pendant light is an ideal option for illumination. For a start, pendants are typically out of kids’ reach. So parents do not need to worry that their kids break the light and in the process hurt themselves. What’s more, a pendant in the shape of an animal, house, tree, etc may present agreeable lighting effect at night and serve as a decorative addition by day.


Rustic Iron Pendant Light with House Shape Shade and Trees Pattern

Establishing strong ties between siblings is the second benefit and perhaps a more important one. Kids nowadays do not always fancy the idea of sharing, be it toys or rooms. Letting kids sleep in bunk bed create circumstances in which kids tend to share their belongings, daily experience, ideas and so on and thus is able to produce bonding ties between siblings in the long run.


The third factor may seem less important but worth considering. A bunk bed is usually less expensive than two beds of the same sizes. So by choosing a bund bed you can save considerable bucks.


However, safety is a major concern about kids’ bunk beds. Normally a kid will not keep the same the pose during sleep and there is possibility that he or she may fall off the top bed, which can lead to catastrophic results. Thus the top bed must have safety rails. Selecting the proper mattress is also vital to protecting kids, for a mattress much too thick can reduce the protection effect of guiderails.


The second disadvantage about bunk beds is limited space. Anyone sleeping in the bottom bunk can hardly sit upright, or he or she can easily bump head into the top bunk. The same is true for the top bunk sleeper. Besides, bunk beds do save space, but they make a room look crowed, especially when a room is small. If the kids litter things around, the room can be much messier than a single-bedded one.

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