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Products We Love: Sliding Door Hardware Kit

Although here at Knock Off Decor we are all about saving our hard earned cash by making our own knock off versions of home decor, we do also believe in investing a little every now and then on quality fittings and hardware. These are the types of details that can make or break a DIY project. This is most definitely the case when it comes to the hardware for internal doors, especially for sliding doors with exposed tracks. So the mission this week was to find the perfect exposed sliding door hardware for a reasonable price. Almost straight away we found these stylish, rustic and slightly industrial toned Sliding Door Hardware Kits!

Products We Love: Quality Sliding Door Hardware Kit

The beauty of these Sliding Hardware Kits is that they are a kit, which means everything you need to install your sliding door is included! You get the wall attachments & spacers, to mount the rail to wall; door stops to keep rollers on rail; the track with pre-drilled holes for wall attachments; rollers for use with door; floor guide to keep door in its position; anti-jump pins to keep rollers on rail; installation manual; along with other screw parts necessary for assembly.

The conclusion we have come to is buying your sliding door hardware as a kit is the only way to go. This means even a novice could install it and guarantees you have all the parts necessary for easy and safe assembly.

We have come up with a list of our favourite kit styles.

Firstly, this Basic J Style, which looks amazing positioned against a white wall and door.

Products We Love: Quality Sliding Door Hardware Kit

There is this U Style, which is a refreshing change to otherwise usual straight look.

v]Products We Love: Quality Sliding Door Hardware Kit

Then there is the Rhombic Style, which is quite visually stunning and works as a focal point in its own right.

Products We Love: Quality Sliding Door Hardware Kit

Lucky last is the Straight Style, which is the more minimalist style of the group and our personal favourite.

Products We Love: Quality Sliding Door Hardware Kit

If your interested in purchasing any of the Sliding Door Hardware Kit they can be found on KoDecor, any style for the same price, limited time only.

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Alicia E

Thursday 24th of November 2016

I ordered one of these because of your post. It came really quick and looks sturdy. Haven't gotten around to installing it because I haven't made the door yet. Thank you for sharing this.

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