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Power Tools You Probably Didn’t Know You Need


Every homeowner is always looking to make their property look beautiful and well-kept.

Most people take the easy road and hire someone for regular maintenance every few months and call it a day. While that is an appealing choice, besides being a bit costly, there is the fact that there are sometimes maintenance emergencies or things that suddenly need a quick fix.

This is why almost every homeowner makes sure they have a trusty toolbox and make it their hobby, not just a responsibility, to do work around the house, fixing what’s needed.

If you want to take on this task and be the handyman of the family as well as save money, here are the power tools you might not know you need:

1. Cordless Drill

If you have to buy just a few power tools, then a cordless drill needs to be at the top of your list. Better yet, get a percussion drill that isn’t just cordless, but also lighter and easier to use.

This is a tool you’ll surely use in any project around the house since it’s perfect for drilling holes as well as screwing and you won’t get a sore arm by having to do it manually.

You’ll find yourself using it to attach shelves or hang curtains as well as many other DIY projects. Its versatility is the best thing about it since it can drill into brick walls, tiles, wood, and plasterboard.

Be careful though, you can’t use it to drill through concrete!

2. Saws

Miter Saw

This is another tool you have to have around the house, don’t put off buying it as everyone does, and then wish you had it in the middle of a project.

A miter saw is basically the same as a table saw but it’s much quicker in getting the job done as well as being more precise.

They are great for beginners and safe to use with things like cutting angles, plastic or metal pipes, and timber battens.

Make sure you don’t use it for cutting long straight lines because it usually cuts up to 300 mm only.

This tool will be your savior whenever you want to build your own plywood floor, log store, copper chandelier, or slatted fence.

Jigsaws and Chainsaws

Jigsaws are one of the most common tools bought by those who know what they’re doing and understand what they need for their home.

They are perfect for cutting curves, unlike chainsaws, and can cut into wood and metal. You can use them for cutting holes or shapes, but never as a replacement for a miter saw.

Chainsaws, on the other hand, are the best tool to cut long straight lines. They come in a variety of shapes and forms of running; some run on batteries, and some on gas.

Their versatility and ability to cut up many types of materials make them a must-have tool in your home.

Reciprocating Saw


Getting a reciprocating saw will be one of the best decisions you make because it’ll be your powerful weapon in times of need.

Their blades go back and forth in a reciprocating movement quickly cutting through wood or metal in a matter of seconds.

Anything you want to cut through, just name it, a reciprocating saw will fly through it; cast iron, ceramic tile, and even plastic.

The important thing is to learn about the different types of blades to use and find a suitable one.

You can even get more than one type since they are disposable so that you have one for any project you’re working on.

3. Hammer Drill

Anything the good old traditional drill can’t do is a job for the hammer drill. If you want the best of both worlds, there are drills that come with a hammer setting for harder materials.

It’s the perfect tool to use when you want to take something down or drill thick and hard material.

You can use it to remove your bathroom tiles, knock down a wall for extra space, or remove a fireplace, for example.

Remember how the drill we previously mentioned couldn’t be used to drill concrete? Well, the hammer drill knows no such limit, so drill away!

There’s no doubt there are many other power tools that will come in handy in your home.

Before making the decision to purchase any tool you should read about its uses to make sure it’s the right one to get, especially seeing as they don’t come cheap.

Another thing you should look into when you get any power tool is its safety measures. These tools can often be very dangerous when used recklessly and could either hurt someone or your property.

Like any important purchase, you have to do your fair share of research beforehand since this is something that you’ll have for a long time.

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