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Pottery Barn Inspired Crate Dresser Solves Your Clutter Problem

Finding simple but ingenious ways to get clutter off the floor and stowed away neatly is key to any organized household. (Parents, you know what I’m talking about here).

You can’t ask for a better solution for your kids than the crate dresser Corey came up with on her blog Sawdust to Stitches.

Corey combined two great things and made them into a spectacular and functional piece.

First, the idea developed from a crate storage dresser that Pottery Barn Kids used to offer and has since discontinued.

Next, she purchased some crates from the folks at Crates and Pallet to follow her inspiration.

Crates and Pallet offers a wide variety of crate styles and treatments, depending on the storage space you need and the look you’re after.

In Corey’s how-to post at sawdust2stiches, she lays out exactly what she bought, the extra materials she added to tie multiple crates together, her suggested tools, and of course the always useful cut list.

Her included diagrams are detailed and give a good visual to reference in each step of the project.

The nice part about working with crates is that you don’t have to be perfect with your fastening and finishing.

Nails and glue will do the trick for a strong and durable outcome.

As Corey puts it, the perfect end result is less clutter scattered across your floors!

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