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Photo Prop Chalkboard Using Poster Board

Nikki of Tikkido didn’t set out to create a knock off with this project. She was just trying to buy a basic chalkboard large enough to use as a photo background prop. But, alas, she couldn’t find anything locally and didn’t have time to order online. In desperation, Nikki discovered that heavy duty black poster board works brilliantly as a chalkboard! She says, “It’s the perfect photo prop, and only cost 97 cents. I’m definitely going to remember this any time I want some chalkboard art for the walls, or want to give the girls a place to draw on the walls without getting in trouble, too!”

poster board chalkboard photo prop

Nikki’s photo prop chalkboard is similar to the Frameless Chalkboards from Billy Boards.

frameless chalkboard

Check it out at Tikkido.

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Wednesday 27th of August 2014

Only 97 cents! Wow, that's cheap - thanks for the post Beckie


Friday 29th of August 2014

Thanks for reading, Ace!

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