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Pet Feeding Station For A Large Dog

If you have a large dog, then you know that the area in which he eats can be messy and difficult to clean. It’s also difficult for a large dog to reach the food. Jen from shares her plans for constructing this beautiful feeding station that can be adapted to any sized pet.

The feeding platform sports a (faux) marble top thanks to the addition of contact paper which not only is attractive, but it’s also waterproof and easy to clean. One of the nicest features of this feeding station is the large drawer below it that holds a 10-gallon storage tote for food.

Because the unit is on plastic screw-on feet, it can be raised to whatever height suits your pet. A personalized nameplate completes the project and gives it a made-to-order look. Jen provides free downloadable plans for both the large and the small versions of the feeding station.

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