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7 Common Patio Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


People spend thousands of dollars on their backyards each year.

One of the things you don’t want to do is waste your money on patio design mistakes. If you’re going to work hard and pay for a patio, you want it to be beautiful and functional.

From issues with the size of your patio to options for furniture, we’re going to talk about the most common mistakes people make so that you can avoid them.

Continue through this article to learn more, so you can avoid the patio mistake land mines.

1. Making Outdoors Look Like Indoors

When you’re putting your patio together, you should remember it’s an outdoor space. You don’t want it to look like a second living room, but outdoors.

If you use the same furniture or furniture that looks the same as your indoor furniture outside, that’s going a bit far. You should make the space a unique one that is all it’s own.

2. Trying to DIY Everything

If you’re not good with design and architecture and you’re doing a big project in your backyard, you might not want to do it yourself. This is especially true if your space is especially large.

The hours you’ll waste trying to figure everything out can really suck the enjoyment out of your project. Instead, consider working with a professional to get the help you need to make your backyard the paradise you’ve always wanted.

3. Over Furnishing or Under Furnishing


It’s easy to get carried away when you’re buying patio furniture. There’s so much you can do with the space, and you likely see a lot of things that you think would fit perfectly in your outdoor area.

Having an outdoor room is exciting and allows you to enjoy the benefits of outdoor living.

If you have too much furniture in that area, it can be frustrating and might make your outdoor experience anything but enjoyable. If the things you have in your outdoor space don’t match or if they make it cramped, you might want to rethink this outdoor space.

Before you put furniture in your outdoor space, make sure there is something that ties them together. Most people use a color theme in their outdoor area to make everything look like it fits together.

If you don’t have enough furniture, it might make the space anything but functional. Even if you’re a minimalist, it’s good to have enough seating for the normal crowd you have over at your home.

4. No Accessories or Decoration

Just having patio furniture on your patio area will make that area look a little boring. You might notice that it would be hard to know it was your patio area since it looks very generic.

Throw a little bit of your personality into the space, and you’re likely to enjoy it much more.

Accessorizing will make the space look unique and add more enjoyment during the hours you spend there.

Make sure the accessories you put in this space for outdoors or they are just going to ruin. Look for things that are waterproof and can stand up to the elements.

Depending on the area where you live, you might need to bring these things inside during the offseason or when the weather kicks up. Storms can turn your accessories into projectiles, which can be seriously dangerous.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t put too much in your space either, or you’re looking at a major mess, and it might turn into a minefield of random things.

5. Forgetting About Irrigation


If you have a lot of plants in your patio design, you need to make sure they get the proper amount of water.

It’s likely they have different watering needs, and an irrigation system will make life much easier for you.

Not having an irrigation system means you’ll have to do everything by hand, which can be very time-consuming.

6. Not Factoring in Trees

If planting trees is part of your design for your patio area, you should do this first. Many times trees are the foundation of your landscaping, and it’s not easy to move trees like it is some of the other elements of your design.

When trees mature, they can make your space look absolutely beautiful and provide visual appeal in your outdoor area.

Make sure the trees you choose work with the rest of your landscape for the best results.

If you plant trees that clash with the other things you’re doing, this isn’t an easy problem to fix. It could add thousands of dollars to your design.

7. Lack of Lighting


You might want to be outside enjoying your backyard when it gets dark. Having sufficient lighting is a must.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to light your outdoor space. You might opt for solar lamps, string lights, or even overhead fixtures.

Make sure there is enough lighting on your patio and through your yard so that you can easily see all of the corners of your space during the night.

When you do this, your yard will look much larger, and it is visually appealing.

Side Stepping Patio Design Mistakes

Now you have the information you need to avoid patio design mistakes. There’s no reason to sink your money into a patio that isn’t going to bring you joy.

Since you know the above mistakes, it will be easy for you to invest your money in your backyard without worrying.

Do you feel like you need more help with DIY and other home issues? Continue through our site and get the information you need.

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