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Paper Mache Unicorn

Faux taxidermy is a huge trend right now! Having paper mache, cardboard, or otherwise colorful animal heads adds whimsical, colorful, and bohemian charm to any space.

They are even great for kids rooms. Ashley from Lil Blue Boo jumped on this trend and paper-mached herself an absolutely adorable unicorn bust.

She was inspired by the Anthropologie newspaper busts of zebras and rhinos, but made it her own by creating a unicorn and mounting it on a vermilion colored wood backing.

The designer versions retail for between $68 and $128, while the DIY version costs less than $10!

You can dress this DIY up even more by adding paint or wrapping paper to make a more colorful piece of art, or use a favorite book for a more sentimental piece.

This is Ashley’s faux taxidermy unicorn:

paper mache unicorn

And this is the Anthropologie version, with a Rhino bust:

anthropologie taux taxidermy

You can see the full details of this DIY project at Ashley’s blog Lil Blue Boo.

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