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Paper Mache Coral

Amanda from House Revivals was inspired by all the faux coral décor in the design world to create some of her own. Would you ever guess Amanda’s coral started as toilet paper?!? That’s right! Amanda whipped up a batch of homemade paper mache pulp using toilet paper and then molded it around an armature she made from wire. Have you been adding some beachy elements to your décor for summer?

diy faux coral

Amanda was inspired by the faux coral from Pottery Barn.

Faux Ear Coral

Find Amanda’s complete tutorial at House Revivals.

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Tutoriel : Des coraux décoratifs | Je le veux Je le fais

Friday 4th of October 2013

[…] le défi de les faire moi-même. Lors de mes recherches, je suis tombée sus plusieurs projets bricolage de type ‘pâte à sel’ mais les résultats finaux laissaient à désirer… J’ai donc arpenté les boutiques […]

Amanda @ House Revivals

Saturday 16th of June 2012

Thanks for the feature, Beckie!

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