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4 Little-Known Painting Hacks that Will Make Your Next Project a Breeze

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The color of paint you choose for your house can increase its overall value by up to $6,000. However, even if you aren’t planning to sell, painting your home offers more than a few benefits.

The problem is, if you are like many homeowners, you may not want to put in the time and effort required to handle this job.

After all, painting the interior or exterior of your home is a time-intensive process that can also be quite messy.

The good news is, there are a few painting hacks you can use to make the job a bit easier. Keep reading to learn what these hacks are.

1. Faster Cleanup

While the actual process of painting can be tedious, the cleanup is even worse. The good news is, there is a simple way you can minimize cleanup time.

All you have to do is wrap tinfoil around the paint tray you are using before pouring your paint in it. After you are done, just remove the foil and throw it away. No messy paint residue to deal with.

2. Protect Your Floors

If you have ever hired professional painting services in the past, you probably noticed they used plastic to protect your floor.

While this is a viable option, if you aren’t a pro, you may find the plastic slippery and frustrating.

A better option is cardboard. You can push it tight to your wall and slide it around with your feet as you move around the room.

This makes it easy to protect the area you are working on and you can avoid worrying about the plastic ripping.

3. Prepping the Walls

The prep part of painting is also a pain. You have to use a ladder to ensure all instances of dust, dirt, or other debris are removed. This alone can take a few hours to accomplish.

A faster and more effective method to use is to use a Swiffer. You can simply apply the disposable pad, clean the wall, let it dry, and you are ready to start painting.

4. Paint the Ceiling First

Take a look at the ceiling? Does it need a fresh coat of paint? If so, you should start there.

If you paint your ceiling after your walls, the paint you use is going to splatter onto the freshly painted walls. This is going to result in you having to repaint everything.

Use Our Painting Hacks to Help You Save Time

When it comes to painting hacks, there are more than a few bits of advice “out there.”

However, the tips here can help you save time and energy while painting the interior or exterior of your home.

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