Painted Spring Vases–When Science and Design Collide!

Katie at View From the Fridge was inspired by the fun, colorful Little Shirley Vases at Room&Board, but they were WAY out if her price range at $160. Katie noticed the shape looked familiar though. Then it hit her … 8th grade science class… Erlenmeyer Flasks! Katie purchased two ‘variety’ packs off Amazon for $6.99 each, spray painted them some fun, spring colors, and now they’re the perfect accessory for her home!

spring vase from flask

Katie was inspired by the Little Shirley Vases from Room&Board.

little shirley vases

Check out how easy these are to make at View From the Fridge, and at $14 you can’t beat the price!


  1. LOVE the vases…what type of paint did you use?

    • Katie just says spray paint in her post. If you email her, I am sure she’d be glad to give you more specifics. Thanks for reading!