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Painted Spring Vases–When Science and Design Collide!

Katie at View From the Fridge was inspired by the fun, colorful Little Shirley Vases at Room&Board, but they were WAY out if her price range at $160. Katie noticed the shape looked familiar though. Then it hit her … 8th grade science class… Erlenmeyer Flasks! Katie purchased two ‘variety’ packs off Amazon for $6.99 each, spray painted them some fun, spring colors, and now they’re the perfect accessory for her home!

spring vase from flask

Katie was inspired by the Little Shirley Vases from Room&Board.

little shirley vases

Check out how easy these are to make at View From the Fridge, and at $14 you can’t beat the price!

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Wednesday 2nd of April 2014

LOVE the vases...what type of paint did you use? THANKS...


Wednesday 2nd of April 2014

Katie just says spray paint in her post. If you email her, I am sure she'd be glad to give you more specifics. Thanks for reading!

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