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Painted Copper Cauldron


This year for Halloween I knew I wanted to go for a classy, elegant, yet subtly spooky look. I got the idea to do a metallics theme and just ran with it.

Searching for pieces, I found the Copper Candy Cauldron at Pottery Barn, but for $149 it seemed a little spendy for Halloween décor.


I know that most party stores carry plastic cauldrons so I decided to make my own! I found a large plastic cauldron at WalMart for $6.


When it came to painting the cauldron, I chose to use copper metallic craft paint and paint it by hand.

This is just what I already had in the house, but it would probably be easier (and faster) to paint the cauldron with copper spray paint.

The copper craft paint took about 4 coats to fully cover the black plastic, and you can see brush strokes under harsh lighting, but I actually kind of like it!

The coat of paint really took the black plastic cauldron from tacky to elegant.

It is going to be the perfect centerpiece in my Halloween tablescape, but also makes a gorgeous decoration holding some black roses I found at the dollar store!


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