Glass Lantern Table Lamp

glass lantern lamp

Melissa from A Terrible Thing to Waste is in love with all things Pottery Barn, minus the prices, of course. She couldn’t get a glass lamp out of her mind and scoured shops for the right lantern to transform into her own DIY version. When that magical moment finally happened, Melissa got to work with a lamp kit, her drill, and some spray paint. For $69 she got a lamp almost identical to her $169 Pottery Barn inspiration and is a hundred dollars richer {wink}!

glass lantern lamp

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Leaf Silhouette Art

spray painted nature art

When Kandi from Kandi & Company fell in love with some pricey nature prints, she gathered inspiration from Pinterest and a can of spray paint to recreate it. By spraying over a floral pick placed on a canvas, Kandi was able to get the sun print look that she loved. Kandi says, “I was literally dancing up and down in my garage when this worked! I’m loving these little custom pieces of artwork in our room that I created for less than $5 a picture.”

spray painted nature art

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Numbered Storage Cubbies

number wall cubbies

Jen from House of Wood is on a mission to create a fun-loving, Dr. Seuss-inspired play space for her kiddos. For the cost of a couple of hours of her time and some scrap wood from the garage, Jen can now cross this numbered wall cubby off her list. Like Jen, I definitely can’t see […Read More]

Why I Am Truncating My Feed


I am really hating to have to do this.  I know some of you are going to be ticked, and others of you will unfollow me and stop reading altogether.  I hate it, I hate it, I hate it.  But my hand has been forced and I can no longer can stop it. Source This […Read More]

Vintage Printer’s Console


Ashley from Shanty 2 Chic had me with her heading “Anthropologie For Less!” Who doesn’t like the sound of that? In this case, it was $1498 less to be exact! Following plans from Ana White, Ashley built a beautiful vintage printer’s console for only $200 that is almost an exact replica of Anthro’s cabinet. Not […Read More]

Doll Storage Cabinet

doll storage cabinet

If you’ve got a daughter into American Girl, then you know there stuff can be crazy pricey. The storage cabinet retails for $349, which is honestly more than I’d spend for a dresser for myself, let alone a doll. Kristen from Lipstick and Sawdust built a similar cabinet designed by Ana White that carried the […Read More]

Ceramic Flower Lamp


Mary from At Home on the Bay knew she had struck gold when she found a pair of ceramic vases for only $9.99 each at HomeGoods. They had a pretty flower detail that reminded her of something you’d find at Anthropologie. Mary’s original thought was to paint the vases until she realized that they’d make […Read More]

White Molding Wall Cabinet


For my local lifestyle show Indy Style, I was challenged to revamp an outdated wall shelf. The brown finish was hardly befitting the owner’s light and airy style, so I wanted to give it a more classic look. With some white paint and molding, you would never even guess it’s the same cabinet. You’ll have […Read More]