Vintage Projector Lamp

When Cheri from I Am Momma Hear Me Roar bought some nesting tables from the classifieds, she ended up taking home a vintage projector as well. She sure was glad she did when her sister spotted a vintage film projector lamp for almost $600. Highway robbery I tell ya! With a lamp kit and secondhand [...Read More]

Herringbone Wall Art

Sam from The Junk House found a piece of digital art she loved but wanted a different color scheme than the original. That’s the beauty of DIY! Color, size, design – you can modify it all to meet your needs. Sam glued strips of scrapbook paper to a poster board to create her custom herringbone [...Read More]

Modern Wall Hooks

After searching around for some new accessories for her bedroom, Kate from Change of Scenery fell in love with a collection of modern hooks that ran $40 a pop. That’s per hook! Crazy, right?!? Kate instead figured out a way to make her own for less than $10 for the set using wooden plaques, craft [...Read More]

Driftwood Wall Star

Ashley from The Handmade Home was on a beach vacation when she saw a decorative wall star made from driftwood in a Pottery Barn catalog. It must have been destiny since she was surrounded by oodles and bahoodles of driftwood. Ashley collected some small flat pieces and glued them onto a star cut from thin [...Read More]

Ribbon Chandelier

Johanna from Taloja ja Toiveita (House and Hopes) was head over heels when she laid eyes on a funky, and, of course, expensive, chandelier made out of felt. Johanna recreated the draped look with strips of satin ribbon and a wire lampshade frame (and lots of patience!). By varying the number of loops, you could [...Read More]

Round Rope Mirror

After a full year with no mirror in her half bathroom, Catherine from Stone and Rose decided it was time to fix that situation. She got a round mirror from Ikea but still felt it was missing a little something special. Nothing an old, rusty hook and some rope couldn’t fix! It’s amazing how just [...Read More]

Stone Candle Pillars

Shari from Turnstyle Vogue loves decorating with candle pillars and has acquired quite the collection over the years. Using a combination of techniques, Shari was able to give a pair of old pillars a more weathered, architectural look. I love how Shari updated something she already had to reflect her current style instead of buying [...Read More]

Orb Chandelier

This orb chandelier from Kristen at My Covered Bridge ranks as one of her favorite projects ever. Kristen says, “It’s easy, cheap, and high impact.” What’s not to love about that? Kristen created her chandy for only $10 using parts from her existing brass light fixture and two hanging garden planters.  The planters are perfect [...Read More]