Frame to Dry Erase Calendar

Over at The Knock-Off Crafter you can see how easy it is to repurpose a frame into a dry erase calendar. The crafty gal behind this project used editing software to create her calendar and then had it printed at Staples for an inexpensive yet quality print. That’s the most time consuming part, and guess what it’s already been done for you. Booyah! From there it only takes minutes to pop it into your frame and get yourself organized.

diy dry erase calendar

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Beach House Dresser for Under $100

Lisa from Salt Marsh Cottage was trying to find the perfect dresser for the guest room of her beach cottage when she ran across a beautiful Maine Cottage dresser. It even came in a pale blue-green color that was perfect. The only problem? The $1890 price tag. Lisa challenged herself to recreate the look of this dresser for under $100. Thanks to a Craigslist find and some homemade chalk paint, Lisa pulled it off for only $94. She says, “Now that’s a price I can live with!”

blue dresser makeover

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Vintage Framed Map Wall Art

A few days ago I mentioned the State Pride Tour I hosted over at Infarrantly Creative and shared a Pottery Barn-inspired map triptych. Cheryl from Tidy Mom also participated in the fun, representing her home state of Missouri with a framed vintage state map. Cheryl cut her map into four pieces and then placed each one into frames she glammed up with some Rub N Buff. I love the combination of the sophisticated antique map and glitzy gold frames!

DIY Wall Art | Framed Vintage State Map at

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Halloween Skeleton Hand Vase

There are knock off projects that save you a bundle but take hours to complete. Then there are those that save you a bundle but take only 15 minutes or less to complete. This Halloween project from Angie of The Country Chic Cottage is the latter. Woohoo! Angie simply painted a thrifted vase white and then glued on a white foam bone hand from the dollar store. Already have a white vase? Then you are looking at a minute or two for a pretty convincing Pottery Barn knock off!

skeleton hand vase

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Beachy Bottles with Seashells

A lover of seaside decor, Traci at Inspiring Homestyle was inspired to turn some bottles and shells she already had into decorative pieces for her home. Using hot glue, Traci secured her seashells with pointed ends into the openings of the glass bottles. Then to finish it off, she wrapped natural rope yarn around the top of each bottle. A bit more hot glue and viola! Quick, easy, inexpensive, and beautiful accessories!

seashell bottles

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Turn Old Sweaters into Cozy Pillows

This time of year I know we are all eager to infuse our homes with as much warmth and coziness as possible. Not much says warm and cozy like a comfy old sweater, so why not turn one into a pillow? Zandi from Radical Possibility went shopping in the fabric sweater aisle at her local thrift store for a couple of sweaters to repurpose. Zandi found two perfect sweaters and loves how they satisfy her desire for clean, modern lines and also her need “to nest and be cozy.”

diy sweater pillows

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“Beautiful and Beefy” Farmhouse Dining Table

Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic has dreamed of building her own dining room table for her family of seven. With the help of Ana White, that dream came true, and Whitney now has a “BEAUTIFUL and beefy DIY farmhouse table” that she can proudly say SHE built. And, for only $100 in wood no less! With the holidays coming up in the next couple of months, this is the perfect table for serving all your guests.

diy farmhouse dining table

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Whitewashed Round Dining Table

If you love that light and airy whitewashed finish that you often see in catalogs and magazines, the good news is that you can achieve the same look without paying big bucks!  Desiree of Camelot Art Creations completely changed the look of a honey-colored wood table by layering watered down grey and white paint. Desiree says the beauty of the technique is that she can simply wipe off the paint if she doesn’t get the results she’s after.

whitewashed table

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