Decoupage a Box for an Instant Update!

Erika from Retropolitan purchased a few sheets of marbled paper online and used it to recover an old wooden box she had picked up at the thrift store for a couple dollars. She says, “It was a fairly easy decoupage project that took about a half hour to do. I think it turned out pretty great for only $3 and a few minutes of my time.” After making over her box, Erika just so happened to notice that West Elm sells an agate box that looks crazy similar for $49 to $79!

decoupaged wood box

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Dollar Store Pumpkins with a Pricey Pewter Finish

Morena of Morena’s Corner is spot-on when she says metallics are everywhere in the design world right now. Yesterdays bright orange pumpkins are now being seen in shimmering mercury glass and silvery pewters. Morena shares how you can use spray paint and acrylic paint to transform dollar store pumpkins into pewter look-a-likes. Her technique could be used on any little knick-knack you find at the dollar store or thrift store to give it a more high end look.

faux pewter pumpkins

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Thrift Store Honeycomb Lamp Makeover

Megan from Homemade Ginger had been looking for a solid set of table lamps for her office desk but didn’t want to spend much money. After diligently looking at thrift stores for months, she found a set of honeycomb lamps that needed some TLC. With some spray paint, a little tweaking, and a modern lamp shade, these lamps look like new ones worth hundreds of dollars!

honeycomb lamp

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Easy Framed Sheet Music Art

Becca at From Gardners 2 Bergers is at it again with another easy way to create DIY artwork for your home. This go round it was a framed music sheet that caught Becca’s eye. Of course, she looked at it and knew it would be a piece of cake to make her own. I love how the sheet music adds a new element to Becca’s impressive gallery (most of which she’s created herself for next to nothing!).

frame sheet music

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Halloween Bird Cage Vignette

Sharon of The Blue Willow House was inspired to turn a bird cage she had picked up from the thrift store into an eerie Halloween display for her foyer. It just so happened that Sharon had all her materials on hand. Worn books, black gauze, crows, and a few pumpkins and gourds come together for a spooky effect. It’s crazy how similar Sharon’s bird cage looks to her Pottery Barn inspiration!

halloween bird cage decor

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Burlap Owl Swag Wreath

When Gail from Purple Hues and Me saw a swag wreath with a small handcrafted owl in perched in the middle, she couldn’t help but wonder why the adorable owl wasn’t larger and more emphasized than the twigs.  Sounds like the perfect excuse for a DIY! Gail replicated the swag, making her owl large and in charge… and from a soap bottle no less! I am blown away by all the detail Gail put into her owl including the twine eyes and pinecone scale wings.

fall owl swag

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Milky Mercury Glass Vases

Pottery Barn has these gorgeous milky mercury glass vases that Naomi of Mrs. Fancee fell in love with. After seeing a similarly “milky” vase at Marshall’s and examining how it was made, Naomi decided to try her hand at making one. She says, “So many people these days are doing such neat mercury glass knockoffs, why not a milky one? It was a fun process, and a fairly easy DIY for an awesome fall Pottery Barn effect.”

diy milky mercury glass

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Painted Dot Party Glasses

Your typical drinking glass may be functional, but it’s definitely not fun. Kelsey from P.S. Heart shows just how simple it is to transform those boring old glasses into festive and fun glasses. Kelsey says that glass paints worked like a dream. All she had to do was dot away, allowing each color to dry in between application. Now Kelsey has a new set of “party cups” that are perfect for her next get-together.

painted glasses

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