DIY Coach & Tools Giveaway


I am not sure how many of you read my blog, Infarrantly Creative.  If you haven’t you need to come over and check out how I built my dream studio. I worked with a DIY coach Sandra, from Sawdust girl to build the cabinets.  I want one of you to have that same experience.  Do you need a DIY coach?  Yes, you do!  And one of you will get that opportunity along with some super sweet prizes to help you complete your build.  


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Paint Dipped Silverware


Christy of Creatively Christy used the “magic of spray paint” to transform a set of ordinary silverware into a colorful collection of forks, knives, and spoons. After spying a set of paint-dipped servers, Christy got the idea to spray paint the stems of all her silverware. I think these would also be cute framed on the kitchen or dining room wall.

Painted flatware-1

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“Brother” Wall Sign


One of the perks of DIY is the ability to customize an item exactly how you want it. You want dark brown instead of black? You got it! That’s exactly what spurred on the creation of this wall sign by Aimee from The Vintage Estate. Aimee used paint and a contact paper stencil to easily replicate the plaque her client wanted in the exact color she wanted. I gotta say that I love this sweet little sign!

pb kids inspired brother plaque

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Textured Metallic Vase


For months you’ve been prowling through thrift stores looking for that special something, and then one day you finally see it. Heart pumping you snatch it from the shelf and hold your treasure close. Sound familiar? That must have been how Debbie from One Day at a Time felt when she finally found a vase that was the perfect size and shape to turn into a Crate & Barrel look-a-like. Debbie used spackle to create texture and then glammed it up with some silver spray paint.

silver textured vase inspired by crate and barrel

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Farmhouse Dining Table


Jocie of The Better Half had been dreaming of a beautiful farmhouse table for her dining area. With a bit of begging, Jocie convinced her handy hubs Ethan to take on building the table from scratch. That is… until she came up with an ingenious idea. Instead of building from scratch, Josie and Ethan reused the legs and parts from a secondhand table and built a new solid oak tabletop. Their table is every bit as gorgeous as their Pottery Barn inspiration but way cheaper and even higher quality!

pottery barn knock off farmhouse table

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Pipe and Wood Lamp


Janel from Nellie Bellie really blew me away with this unique lamp she created from pipes, wood spindles, and, of course, time and patience. Not only does it look amazingly like the inspiration, but the price difference is quite astounding ($86 versus $2,800). You can barely buy a lamp and shade from Target for the cost of Janel’s eye-catcher. Talk about making a statement!

anthro inspired pipe lamp

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Vintage Chalkboard Plaques


We all have those projects that linger on our to-do lists for weeks, months, and even years. That was the case with these chalkboard plaques made by Melissa from Shabby Love. She had adored them for years, so you know it must have been all the sweeter when Melissa finally made her own collection of little boards out of luan. These would look so cute arranged on the wall together!

vintage chalkboards

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Lazy Susan Art Caddy


Over at Infarrantly Creative I have been sharing bits and pieces of my new craft studio (aka my biggest DIY ever) leading up to the big reveal. While I worked my tail off building cabinets to hide all my crafting supplies, I wanted to keep some things accessible for my kids. One fun thing I tweaked about the design is using magnets to hold on the pails. They are strong enough to hold to the tray, but my kiddos can still pull off the pails when they need to. Boo-yah!


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