Build Your Own Farmhouse Dining Table


Shawna from Dakota Creek Chic came into the blogging world with a bang, sharing the gorgeous farmhouse table she built following plans from Ana White. Here’s what she has to say about her very first furniture build:

diy farmhouse table

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Not Your Ordinary Coat Rack


When Valerie of The Caldwell Project saw a bird coat rack from West Elm that she loved but was terribly expensive and out of stock, her “DIY mentality” came into play. What really appealed to Valerie about the inspiration coat rack was the use of birds in place of ordinary old hooks. She kept a lookout at her favorite secondhand hangouts until she stumbled upon a set of wood monkeys that were perfect. With a fresh coat of paint, Valerie attached the monkeys to a piece of pallet wood to complete her unique new coat rack.

monkey coat rack

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Draw Your Own Geometric Art

diy geometric art

Lindsay of The Jensen Crew REALLY wanted to get her hands on a set of symmetry art prints, but all her leads came up dry. Just when she was about to throw in the towel, Lindsay found perfectly-sized frames and paper at Hobby Lobby. Could she possibly draw her own artwork? Amazingly, that’s exactly what Lindsay did. She says, “You never know what you can do until you try! I would have never thought I was an artist. But I can do shapes!!”

diy geometric art

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A collector of vintage board games, Donna from Funky Junk Interiors knew a replica of Pottery Barn’s Bingo sign would fit right in with her “decorating theme.” The question was more of how would Donna put her own unique spin on it. Donna didn’t find her answer until she went digging in her scrap wood pile for inspiration. The result was an artistic vintage-style Bingo card that also doubles as a sturdy wooden tray.

bingo card tray

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Woodcut Art for a Kid-Friendly Gallery Wall


Monica of East Coast Creative wanted to incorporate a piece of woodcut artwork into her new kid-friendly gallery wall. However, at a whopping $1,600.00, it simply wasn’t happening. Monica says, “At that price, it had better grow into a money tree!! I’ll take my $6.99 version thank you very much.” Even better, Monica’s $6.99 version only took five minutes and a quick trip to Staples to create.

woodcut art

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Underbed Rolling Magazine Basket


Magazine-lover Samantha from Simply Organized needed a solution for her “magazine hoarding issue.” She found some rolling underbed baskets that would be perfect for wrangling her overflowing pile of magazines and catalogs, but could she DIY? That she did by adding casters to baskets purchased from Michaels. Samantha says, “I love my new magazine baskets! If you have the same hoarding issue, I hope this little organization project inspires you to create your own storage and save a little money.”

underbed rolling baskets

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Vintage Dog Treat Container


Angie at The Country Chic Cottage was loving the look of a vintage canister to store her dog treats, but, seriously, who spends $89 to store dog treats??? Certainly not Angie, especially when she could get the look for only $2! Angie scoured thrift stores until she found a 1970s canister that was the perfect candidate to be transformed into a Pottery Barn-inspired beauty. All it took was a little paint!

dog treat canister

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Ruffled Duvet Cover from Sheets

ruffled duvet cover

Sarah from Neroli Blossoms sewed sheets into a duvet cover that’s so voluminous it reminds me of a puffy, white cloud! While this project may be pretty time consuming, Sarah says it’s not too difficult and requires fairly simple sewing skills. I can imagine the end result makes it worth those hours spent sitting at the sewing machine. I mean how could you not have sweet dreams in this bed???

ruffled duvet cover

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