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Oversized Backyard Domino Set

If you are having a backyard party, a low-key wedding, or even just love to spend time in your own backyard, you will love this adorable wooden domino set! And the best part- you can DIY it yourself with just a few tools you probably already have laying around. Allison from Dream a Little Bigger loves board games and being outside, so she decided to combine the two with her oversized yard dominos. All she needed- and all you’ll need- are some 2×6 boards, a saw, a sander, and stain and paint colors of your choice. If you have wood laying around from an old project you can easily repurpose that wood for this domino set- it doesn’t have to be perfect! And the result is a totally fun game to play with family and friends to enjoy some beautiful springtime weather.

How cute is this set?

Head over to Dream a Little Bigger to see the full DIY!

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