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Popular Outdoor Storage Bench

Benches are always useful. They can be moved around quite easily and provide quick seating in a pinch. When the bench also helps with storage, that is an added bonus. Ginger from Ginger Snap Crafts shows us how to make a great looking bench that also doubles as a storage area. The bench is extra long, but you may be able to figure a way to shorten it up for your needs.

With a detailed instruction list and lots of pictures, Ginger explains in detail her process. Her design using 2 x 4’s will work in farmhouse decor, shabby chic decor, and traditional decors. Ginger used spray paint and outdoor paint when she painted the bench. If your bench will never see the outdoor, you could get away with regular acrylic paint.

Ginger distressed her paint on the storage crates to give then a  more primitive feel, but that step is completely optional. This bench is a great project and simple enough for a beginner with some experience cutting wood and putting it together.

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