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Stay Organized Wood Trays

Looking for a way to keep yourself organized and your desk free from clutter? These organizer trays from Tasha at Designer Trapped in a Lawyers Body will not only be functional, but stylish as well. Tasha was inspired by the stacking boxes from Anthropologie but did not want to spend hard earned money on something she could make for less.

By doing these herself, she saved $107. That money could certainly be used for her next project. With a detailed list of supplies and good pictures, Tasha shows how she stained the boxes and added the numbers to the sides. Instead of using a stencil she printed off the numbers and used carbon paper to transfer them to the wood boxes.

Space saving and functional Tasha’s boxes will help her keep her important papers organized. If you decide to make these boxes and want them painted, choose acrylic paint instead. Once the paint is dry, stack them up, and fill them with your important papers. You will be more productive and ready to tackle any job that comes your way.

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