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One of a Kind Dresser Bench

You’ve got to see it to believe it. Alice from Inspired Junk certainly thinks outside the box, or in this case, the dresser, when she transformed this dresser into a functional bench.

As seen on the Grillo Designs page, Alice shows how she removed the drawers and cut out a section of the dresser. When searching for a dresser, you may want to carry a picture of this design, so you will be able to see what would need removed prior to purchasing. She explains how she built in the bench.

We used the top as the bench seat just turned it over and used the nail gun.

Using a nail gun she attached 2 x 4’s to the back to finish off the bench portion.

A beautiful chalk paint in blue and some wax completed the design. This unique bench would work well in an entryway for extra storage or as a place to put on your shoes. Add it to foot of your bed for a place to sit and get dressed or plan your day. Regardless of how you utilize your bench, it will add a unique design item to your decor.

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