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Old Light Fixture to Faceted Terrarium

Lidy of Hello Lidy says she continually found herself drawn to the faceted terrariums while shopping at Urban Outfitters.

So, of course, when it came time to repurpose an old 90’s brass light fixture, Lidy saw the potential to turn it into a DIY terrarium.

All Lidy had to do was remove all the hardware and wiring until just the glass remained.

Then she simply popped in a pretty succulent to display.

Lidy says, “It was a project that literally took a couple minutes and we only spent $3, instead of $30! Is that a deal or what?!”

diy terrarium from old light fixture

Lidy was inspired by the Faceted Hanging Terrarium from Urban Outfitters.

faceted hanging terrarium

Read more at Hello Lidy.

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