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7 Office Decoration Ideas to Improve Your Work Space

office decor ideas

A third of your life is spent working. Even if you are working in an at-home office you are still spending that time working! It should be in the most inviting environment as possible.

There are many ways to achieve that and we are here today to discuss some of the best office decoration ideas to take a simple office to the next level and elevate it to a workspace all of your own.

1. Playing With Color


A proper color scheme is a perfect place to start. Working with various colors can help stimulate different emotions and motivations. Especially helpful in an office setting is working with cool and calming blues.

They are known to stimulate the mind and productivity. A perfect addition to a workspace!

This can go beyond the scheme itself and also apply to the use of art pieces and statement pieces as well. You show yourself in the pieces of art you decide to place. Make those selections effective and reflective of your personal tastes.

A strong piece of art can take a simple office space and elevate it to an incredible office space. It makes a powerful statement when seeing clients or guests.

2. Let the Light In


Utilizing natural light is always the best decision when possible. It makes areas appear larger than they are, even with no restructuring.

Aside from the comfort that natural light provides there are documented physical and productive benefits that it can provide to the workday as well

A Cornell study has shown that with an increase in natural light in the office space there are marked increases in productivity and alertness, as well as a huge reduction in eye-strain, headaches, and blurred vision.

Up to 84% in some cases!

If there is plant life being grown in the office space the greens will benefit just as much from the light.

3. Creativity and Storage

Combination storage, especially in a home setting, stems partially from necessity and partially from design interest. Many times space just is not available, especially in home office design. Creativity is key!

Mix wall framing with cabinets and sliding drawers. You can work on the floor to ceiling storage and make modular designs. Remember that vertical storage is important to utilize.

Space management is an ongoing problem-solving situation that can be addressed with pieces like desks that can convert into corner tables when not in use, or floating shelving that is both decorative and functional.

4. The Old and the New


Blending vintage and modern design and products give a sense of history and life to space. There is an organic feeling, the room is evolving with the person living and working within it.

This design idea makes it far more personalized than just the simple, generic, what is new and what is trendy look to it. That space, while effective is more of a plain cookie-cutter and you want a real place to work and live.

This could come with a much lower price-tag at that. Thrift stores and antique markets can be your best friend when equipping for design.

5. Living a Green Life

Placement of plants can make any space much more inviting, and the office is no different. A nice pop of color gives a friendly touch and it has been shown that air quality is greatly improved the more plants there are in an area.

These colors and plants can help you feel a little less isolated when working those long hours.

Who doesn’t want to escape into their jungle hideaway to get that pressing project done? The right design and you can do just that!

6. The Devil Is in the Details


Mix styles, curate your vision, it does not have to be what is on “trend” and should be more of what is you. It should have a specific vision though and should work, there should be a clear view of what space is.

When planning the space it needs to work within itself. Play with accessories or with specific smaller pieces to make space look less like an office and yet still be an effective place to work.

Be creative and think outside the box. Repurpose tables or other objects to serve the purpose that you need them to.

Desk accessories are a given, they are more than just a nice touch. Much of the time they serve another organizational purpose.

Also, never forget the comfortable chair you need for a break!

7. Hang Your Credits High

Right alongside the decorative elements of reflecting who you are in your workspace or office, you should take the time in showing who you are as a professional. It can work as an unspoken first impression.

Something as simple as hanging a diploma in your office can make a huge difference, even to just your mood while working. It sets a stage of professionalism and reminds you as well as any visitor of what you have worked towards already.

Find Yourself in These Office Decoration Ideas

You can transform the office into more than just a place to work. It will be an extension of who you are as a person. When you are comfortable in your space it will show in your work. Let it shine!

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