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Always a Favorite Oar Rack

Nautically themed homes involve great decor items like rope mirrors, pelican statues, and in this case an oar rack. This supremely decorative item hangs in the entryway of Kelly from The Lilypad Cottage.

She had been collecting oars for several years and finally found a rack that would work to hang them. She admits her husband was not thrilled hanging the oar rack in that particular location, but thankfully he did it for us to enjoy. Imagine all the boats each one of those oars paddled along? Are you an oar collector like Kelly?

She has the reference in her article for you to get your oar rack. Be sure to mount it into the studs, so an oar does not come down and bang you in the head. This oar rack would look great hanging in a game room or even the living room. Your imagination is the only limit on hanging oars in your home.


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